We work closely with our clients to help them build their dream house.

Here are some testimonials.



"Nexgen is owned and run by Ward Phillips one of the most genuine, honest and most hard working men I have ever met. Him and his team including his interior design specialist Tanya have been incredible. They have just renovated our very difficult 1920s built California Bungalow in a heritage conservation area of Rozelle. And they have done the most amazing job that has definitely exceeded all my expectations. We had a picture in our minds of how the project would end up and they have improved on it 10 fold. I could not be happier with the end result and our home has gone from a barely liveable house to an absolutely gorgeous and perfect house that I am proud to call my home. Ward Phillips has been a pleasure to work with. He is incredibly approachable and honest. I feel like I could tell him anything and he wouldn't be fazed by it. He is completely understanding and patient. Him and his team will go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect. He even put together my huge barbeque which I bought! Ward is all about quality and I cannot fault any of his decisions or choices. His Interior designer Tanya has been exceptional. She is a complete professional who has so much pride in her work. I would definitely recommend her services if you plan to do any work on your house. From the tiny details of the light fixtures to the hundreds of colour options of your paint, she will make your life easier and your finished product absolutely picture perfect. I am writing this not because I feel obligated to but because i want to share my experiences with other people."


Michael and Sue Lynch



"We commissioned Nexgen Design and Construction on concept to full architectural design, council DA & heritage consultation and build. Ward and team made the process relatively easy. They are reliable and experienced. Work was completed to a high quality."





"The fantastic team at Nexgen Constructions made our renovation simple and a breeze. We lived in our house while a part of it was being renovated, and the team respected our privacy throughout the entire time. The workmanship throughout the kitchen, living and laundry/bathroom areas was fantastic, and seamlessly blended the newly renovated section of the house with the older, non-renovated section. They also worked efficiently and ensured that the project was completed as per Ward's estimated timeframe. We have young children, and the site/house was always kept clean and safe. Ward and his team went above and beyond what was required of them. We have recommended Nexgen Constructions to others who have had similar experiences as us. I would highly recommend Ward and his team."


Nik K



"Nexgen Constructions built us a modern house with clean lines. The design was what we requested and the design team was most helpful with their suggestions. The building process went smoothly. The quality and finish was great. The team of workers was easy to communicate and to work with. Nexgen Constructions gave us a complete package with designing the house including the colour scheme & landscaping. All the datelines were met . They come highly recommended."


Jeanette Yap



"We were lucky enough to have Nexgen Constructions do the renovations for our beloved heritage Victorian terrace. Ward and the entire Nexgen team has been a dream to work with. They are professional, knowledgeable, kept us informed throughout the process, assisted and provided some great alternative design ideas - and saved us some money! - accommodated our many changes, and are super fast! I have had to say several times, "please slow down" - as I could not make decisions fast enough! Superb workmanship goes without saying. The true sign of how fantastic the Nexgen team is when neighbours, without prompting, informed us how wonderful, friendly, AND hard working our builders are when we are not there. If I am fortunate enough to renovate another house again, I would do it in a heartbeat.....but ONLY with Nexgen Constructions! I Definitely a 10 out of 10."


Edmund Lo & Mimi Louie



"Ward and his excellent team at NexGen first worked on renovating our garage into a fully self contained flat, which was a huge gain for our property. Everything from the first consultation, logistics, trouble shooting and quality finishes exceeded our expectations. We then got NexGen to help us redesign our music studio business. Ward was heavily involved in helping us achieve our special acoustic needs and once again proved efficient, easy to work with and quality all the way. Tanya from NexGen interiors was also commissioned. She was extremely knowledgeable and had ideas that were both in keeping with our brand and added a flair to everything she did. These were efforts of people who really care, working early and outside of their normal business hours to reach our deadlines. We couldn't be happier with NexGen. Hire them for your next project! They will make your life easy :)"


Abigail Sie



"Nexgen Constructions built our home in Roseville Chase, working jointly with our architect as the build was on a sloping site.They also helped with the design and features that we had not thought about and put a lot of effort into helping design our backyard and garden. Ward Phillips, Director and master builder of Nexgen Constructions has the best guys working for him, they are polite, hard working and would go that extra mile if you asked them. Nexgen helps ease the stress of building a new home or renovation and I can highly recommend this amazing team."


Chris Hayward