Nexgen was consulted to help an 'empty nester' couple who wanted to renovate and transform their family home into their 'forever home'. The design brief was to consider inclusions which enabled the couple to age gracefully through the stages of their elderly life, with their original family home being modified to a functional and accessible space.

We moved the main bedroom from the 1st floor to the ground floor, and built two new bedrooms with their own ensuite's, to accommodate 24 hour in-home carers should the time come. Doorways and hallways were widened, door handles and pulls considered for ease of use, tapware were specified to include extended levers and the shower with extendable hose for assistance bathing.

Nexgen's colour designer had a vital role to play in this project as unfortunate circumstances resulted in memory loss. The warm internal colour palette created an inviting, cozy and calm ambience to the open and expansive home. Of particular importance was the entryway, which displayed the clients' favourite colours, so that everytime she entered her home, her mood was uplifted by the feelings generated by her 'happy' colours.


Colour affects our life and our world. The colours that surround us directly and indirectly affect the way we think, the way we respond, and our mood and feelings. It's important to identify those colours which have a positive affect on our mood so that we can surround ourselves with these colours within our home. For example, wouldn't you want your bedroom to reflect calmness and serenity? Which colour or colours create this affect on you?