Roseville Renovation

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Ku-rin-gai council continuously extend and include new heritage conservation areas within the Upper North Shore of Sydney. These areas are recognised and valued for their special historical and aesthetic character and thus the council convey strict development controls over external features of these properties. Your development application for renovating your home must consider the impact the development would have on the heritage significance of the HCA (Heritage conservation area). 


Are you in a Heritage Conservation Area?

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Development Controls


There are extensive development controls related to the external features of your home including building fascades and landscaping. It is imperative that you find the correct advice to begin with, and NEXGEN DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION has had extensive experience with the Heritage controls of Kuringai council from the design phase, through to lodging the DA and for the  building works including sourcing and handling the appropriate heritage items. We also work closely with our preferred Heritage consultants and Town planners to make sure we minimise the time spent in the back and forth disputes of unconstitutional DAs due to Heritage constraints. Nexgen also has an internal design team to assist with Heritage paint colour selections, roofing and heritage landscape design.


This substantial renovation in Roseville was one of many examples of the style of Heritage renovation Nexgen excels in, having been previously recognised by HIA (Housing Indusrty Australia) for the highest level of premium buiding achievement as finalists for ROSEVILLE HOUSE and LINDFIELD HOUSE.